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Looking for a job in financial and economic calculations.


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I have 25 years of professional experience as a financial analyst / economist in banking and Finance.
I have strong analytical skills and extensive experience in financial and analytical work.
My main duties in the latter position included:
- calculation and analysis of efficiency,
- implementation of measures to increase profits and optimize costs,
- planning and business planning (calculation of return on investment),
- management accounting,
- consolidation of reporting,
- budgeting,
- control function,
- transfer pricing,
- calculation of KPI (Key Performance Indicator),
- rating calculation and much more.
My biggest achievements include:
1. optimization of financial flows and increase of profitability;
2. implementation of management accounting and budgeting;
3. improvement of analytical reporting.
I have extensive experience in processing, analyzing and organizing large amounts of information (MS Excel, pivot tables, SQL query) and providing conclusions in the form of visual information (PowerPoint presentations, infographics).
I am an advanced user of office and specialized computer applications.
I am favourably distinguished by my professional qualities: experience and knowledge; character traits: diligence, organization and responsibility, as well as motivation, perseverance and purposefulness.
I have a great desire to gain new knowledge that would improve my professional skills and knowledge.
I have a higher economic education.
Knowledge of German (B1), English (B1), my mother tongue is Russian, Ukrainian.
I would be very happy to receive a message from you!
In response, I send my CV.

Yours faithfully,
Ruslan Engel.





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