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  5. ARC Bear Kodiak Special Recurve 63lbs 64", Fred Bear Archery

ARC Bear Kodiak Special Recurve 63lbs 64", Fred Bear Archery

CHF 590.–



Je vends mon arc. Un copié-collé ci dessous de mon annonce sur Ebay. Me demander si besoin de traduction. Arc puissant! 30 kilos à tirer sur la corde! J'habite en Suisse, Boudry, près de Neuchâtel. L'envoi coûte 31.-, car "colis encombrant". L'envoi en Suisse est compris dans ce prix!

Collectible Bear Kodiak Special Recurve Bow 63lbs 64", Fred Bear Archery Grayling

It shoots perfectly, no issues.

Here is a great Fred Bear Kodiak Special recurve bow, grey glass powered, right hand (right director eye, 63lbs, 64 inches.

I bought it about 15 years ago, and it just shoot magnificently.

The renown Bear bows are a real value for craftsmanship but for sure for shooting or hunting quality bows.

This Kodiak Special bows were produced between 1955-1967. They dropped the leather grip production in 1959, so this bow must have been made be between 1956 and 1959 (because wears the large type decal "Bear Glass Powered Kodiak Special" introduced in 56)

It has numerous wearing and using scuffs and scratches, some very very light glass de-lamination as every bows of this age. You can see these on the pictures. The previous owner screwed probably a visor into the front of the handle. I am an instinctive shooter, I don't use such things. I remember being worried about it when I bought the bow, but decided myself, because it is placed in an absolute static place. Everything is fine. Shoots perfectly. Don't misunderstand it, it is really powerful and still in perfect shape. This is one of the best state of my bow listings, and it is absolutely perfect for hunting or sport uses.




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