Mooring (amarrage) Place with PRIVATE Pier, Beach & Gardens

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Are you still looking for a mooring place for your sailboat (or future boat)?

I've got a couple of sharing options available : a) on the private pier, or b) maybe on a buoy (about 25m further out from pier)? For the pier option, it's better if your sailboat has a retractable keel, since the depth is around 1.5m at the pier, ...but much deeper at the buoy.

Beautiful, unique location and private gardens with beach (plus kayaks / canoe / rowboat and picnic table / grills) And.. you have the possibility of private sun-bathing privately too!

Plus, there's an option to jointly-develop the property with a housing project with a private mooring! Or... you want to share 50/50 (or even 25/75) your motorboat -- then please get in touch for more details!

Thanks to send more info / pics of you and your boat too and... please let me know what your interests are?

Happy boating!




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