Tour Line 6 spider III stéréo 2 x 75w mono 150w frs. 460.-

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Tour Line 6 spider III stéréo 2 x 75w ou mono 150w super ampli à modelisation tout est dedans effets, amplis etc tellement de possibilités il est mieux de regarder sur le net voir demo dans les images

à voir au Music Shop Rue de Bourg 11 à Lausanne dans la galerie

The Line 6 Spider III 150 Stereo Combo delivers killer amp and effects models, and a ton of presets created by some of the worlds most notorious guitar stars from bands including 311 Thursday Lacuna Coil Hawthorne Heights Slipknot Ash Albert Lee Athlete John 5 and many more

Line 6 has also given the Spider III 150 another 150 song-based presets sounds from such classics as No More Tears, Enter Sandman, Stinkfist, Back In Black, Bark at the Moon, and many more. These presets combined with 7 quality effects models, make the Spider III a giant of tone that give you any sound you want, already dialed in. Now you can rule the stage with the Insane model with its truly massive gain or explore your sensitive side in the studio with the Clean model. It's all up to you.

New to the Spider III amp is a huge range of killer mid-gain guitar tones. A critical advancement was made to the sound and feel of the Spider III line when a discerning panel of artists focused in on the venerable mid-gain range of tone to deliver the complex, layered and dynamic amp tone we all appreciate from classic and boutique amps.

revendeur fender gibson prs epiphone squier gretsch schecter stagg ibanez jackson esp vox orange mesa boogie engel marshall rickenbacker lag hughe heavy metal rock etc...



Rue de bourg 11-13
1003 Lausanne (VD)


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