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Fender Stratocaster 1974 Sounds AMAZING!

CHF 2'250.–



Liquidation de tout le stock de guitare (environ 200 pc)

Fender Stratocaster 1974 Sounds AMAZING

Sounds very close to Ritchie Blackmore’s sound !!!

History (from the seller) :„This is an amazing Fender Stratocaster that was made in 1974 (no:532767).

The neck is origine 74 fender neck. However, the frets are new cause this guitar was played! the nut is a bone nut!The original body got broken, so I decide to replace it with a Reissue body, after I got a 66‘ body, because the 70 Reissue body sounded much much better!The pickups are 60‘ Strat set with the black back that I?ve sent to Fender to do a Rewiring in 82 due tot he fact that they were were microphonic. I can’t playdistortions with it. So I’ve sent them to Fender Custom Shop and they’ve rewired all oft he three.The electronics are not originalOriginal pickguardSounds AMAZING !Sounds very close to Ritchie Blackmore’s sound !!!

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