1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100w Guitar Amp

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1969 Marshall Super Tremolo 100w Guitar Amp

I bought this amp from Gaspar Vicky music store, in Geneva, in the mid 80's.

It was only used occasionaly when I was on vacation here (I lived abroad). I never gigged with it. Worked great, sounded amazing.

It was put into a professional storage unit in 2000.

I just got it out of storage (after 14 years) and it hasn't been powered back up.

I am selling it original, as is. I do not want to power it up myself and take a chance of any failures. I do not have a cabinet to go with it anymore.

I opened it all up and checked it out, everything looks good inside, I do not see any leaky condensers (but I am not a professional).

Dont waste my time with low bid offer, trade... I am not desperate to sell it!!!

Those amps kick ass and I know what I got here!!!



1296 Coppet (VD)


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