Table de Mixage - SoundCraft NotePad 124

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SoundCraft NotePad 124

Table de Mixage

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avec 5 Cables XLR / 5 Pin / 3 metres.

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The new Notepad 124 model boast Soundcraft audio performance with the acclaimed GB30 mic preamp and EQ technology in a highly-compact and solid chassis.
Each 124 model has 4 mono mic/line inputs . This model boast 4 stereo line inputs, and suit a very wide range of applications where simple yet high-quality mixing is required, such as in home recording, Recording Studo, small Rock Band/cabaret PA systems, AV presentation systems, small broadcast edit suites, educational environments and general contracting. on mobile Audio gear performance
The Notepad 124 also has an integral digital effects processor which has a feed from every input and over 100 effects, including a pink noise and test setting. The FX control can also be used to set delay tap tempo, a feature not found in many mixers in this class. On the Notepad 124, the FX send is replaced by a standard AUX send with a dedicated output. SOUNDCRAFT 124 model provide a recording output of the mix on RCA / Phono connectors as well as a stereo input for CD playback etc.
Other highly-desirable functions include a high-pass filter on the mono inputs, a 60mm fader for the mix output selectable sensitivity of +4dBu or 1-dBv on each stereo input (Notepad 124 models only) and multi-segment led metering on the mix output along with a headphone monitoring output.



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