Mount Merrion de Justin Quinn

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A gripping family story spanning half a century, in the mould of Jonathan Franzen and John Lanchester.

Declan and Sinéad Boyle are pillars of society - born into prosperous families, educated at Dublin's finest schools, dwellers in a fine house in a leafy suburb. So why are they in so much trouble?

Declan wants to serve his country - but he also wants to serve his own ambition. Sinéad wonders if she is allowed, in the Ireland of the sixties and seventies, to have ambitions at all. Their son, Owen, seems intent on squandering the advantages of a prosperous upbringing and an expensive education. Their daughter Issie, gifted and attractive, has all the options in the world - and keeps choosing the wrong one.

Mount Merrion, the dazzling debut novel by Justin Quinn, tells the story of the Boyles from Declan and Sinéad's first meeting, in the late fifties, through decades of success, failure and tragedy. Set against the brilliantly realized backdrop of a changing Ireland, it is a page-turning drama, a biting satire and a lovingly detailed portrait of a marriage and a family.



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