Earth And Life Through Time

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EARTH AND LIFE THROUGH TIME Etat: comme neuf, n'ayant jamais été lu ni utilisé, en parfait état, sans pages manquantes ni endommagées. Envoi possible en Suisse et Europe, depuis la Suisse ou la France avec supplément frais postaux selon poids et dimension du livre. Hardcover: 689 pages Publisher: W H Freeman and Co (Sd); 2 Sub edition (January 1989) Language: English Publication Date: January 1989 ISBN-10: 0716719754 ISBN-13: 978-0716719755 A revision of the best selling historical geology text, completely updated to provide a thorough but lucid introduction to the principles of historical geology. Stanley's assertion that 'the physical history and the biological history of the earth are inextricably interwined shapes his text throughout. The material is organized clearly and logically. The two-part progression resents basic principles first, then proceeds with a chronological study of the history of life. For everv interval, global events (such as general patterns of geographic change and major occurrences in the evolution and extinction of life) are reviewed within the context of plate tectonics. This review is followed bv a description of important regional events and their place within this global framework. Stanlev offers insightful observations on how environmental conditions have affected life through the ages. Numerous attractive illustrations enhance textual material. Chapter-ending reviews and exercises reinforce students' understanding and there are additional reading lists, a thorough glossary and useful appendices. Stanley has updated and improved his text to make i-t even more accessible to students. Notable changes include: Streamlined and reorganized chapter on mountain building, with new discussions of ancient plate movements Condensed and updated coverage of the Precambrian Updated and expanded discussions of mass extinctions throughout the text Additional material on isotopes and dating techniques Updated discussion of human evolution.



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