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-"THE MAKING OF A NATION:South Africa's Road to Freedom" 8 frs.- Peter Joyce-Ed Zebra Press Collection archives vivantes

-"God has a Dream:A VISION OF HOPE OF OUR TIME"" 3 frs.- Desmond Tutu-Ed Rider

-"BEYOND THE MIRACLE: (inside the new South Africa) 9 frs.- Allister Sparks-Ed:Jonathan Ball .340pages-

"A HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA" 7 frs.- Leonard Thompson-Ed.Jonathan Ball .288 pages

-"HOW THE WEST WAS LOST" 7 frs Dambisa Moyo-Ed.Allen Lane.225 pages

-"ARCHITECTS OF POVERTY"(why african capitalism needs changing) 6 frs Moelets Mbecki-Ed.Picador Africa .187 pages

-"SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?"(to live in ou leave south africa) 6 frs André Brink,K.Bloom.... Ed. two dogs.190 pages

-"SOUTH AFRICA'S BRAVE NEW WORLD)(the beloved country since the end of apartheid) 13 frs.- R.W.Johnson-ED.Penguins.650 pages

-"OPINION PIECES by South African Thought Leaders" Ed.Max du Preez 6frs.233 pages

-"BULLETS or BALLOTS?" The ultimate solution to crime and enumployement in South Africa Dr Ruben Richards Ed.Mutloatse 6frs.287 pages

-"THE LONG SHADOW of APARTHEID "(race in South Africa since 1994) Lucy Holborn-Johannisburg 2010 6frs.240 pages

-"THE STATE OF AFRICA" a history of fifty years of independance Martin Meredith Free Press (2005) 12frs

-"LONG WALK OF FREEDOM" Nelson Mandela Ed.Abacus (2000) 10frs.788 pages

-"LOST TRAILS OF THE TRANSVAAL" T.V.Bulpin-Stephan Philipps-Africana Series 8frs

-"WHEN MANDELA GOES" The coming of South africa's second revolution Ed.Doubleway-Lester Venter (2000) 7 frs.300 pages

-"SHADE OF DIFFERENCE"Mac Maharaj and struggle for South Africa(foreword by Nelson Mandela)-Padraig o'Malley 14.40 frs

-"ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA": the real story-Ed.Reader's Digest

LIvre:55 frs cédé 15 frs.529 pages



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