Lotus Elise S1 contrôleur électronique ventilateur Hurricane

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Actualisé 23.05.2016


Lotus Elise S1 Hurricane Electronic Fan Controller

"Our electronic fan controller is specifically designed to run on an Elise S1.
Just to make sure, you cannot use this on another car as it is monitoring sensor signals and levels which are specific for the Elise S1.
Our electronic fan controller is to be wired in behind the Stack display unit and monitors multiple variables.
It 'listens in' on the coolant temperature, wheel speed and voltage.
Once installed, you'll be able to program a set temperature on which you would like to have the fan(s) kicked in.
There's a hysteresis programmed in the box, so when the temperature drops because the fan(s) kick in it will not immediately drop off again but it will need to work the coolant temperature down by approx. 5 degrees.
We've programmed a safety feature in which stops the fan from running at speed. This prevents the fan from overrunning."



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