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12V 27W Square LED Work Light

CHF 40.–


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WaterProof Level: IP67
Color temperature: Pure White 6000K
Service life: 30000 Hours Above Life Time
Mounting Bracket: Alu Firm Bracket
Lens Material: PC
Operating Voltage: DC 10~30V
Power: 27W
LED quantity: 9 led
Lumens: 2500LM
Material: Diecast Aluminum Housing
Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
Adjustable Trunnion mounting Bracket.
The suitable design for heating elimination.
Energy-efficient and low power consumption
The high performance of tight water-proof,dust-proof,quake-proof.
1. Indoor & Outdoor uses Back up light
2. Off Road Lighting Truck, Trailer Interior & Exterior Lighting
3. Construction Lighting Garden, Backyard Lighting Boat Lighting
Installing Tips:
- Installation of LED lighting is reasonably straight forward and can be achieved by most people with a little bit of DIY skill. However if you are unsure how to safely wire the unit up so no damage is done to the light and/or the vehicle, we strongly suggest you seek assistance from a qualified a person.
- It is imperative that a correctly sized relay is used to operate the light, likewise it is imperative that a fuse is installed in the power circuit and that it is sized correctly in relation to the light being installed taking into consideration the current draw of the light and any voltage drop that may occur due to the length of the cable run.
- It is common practice to install a dash mounted or similar switch to turn the light on and off. Some choose to also switch the relay with the high beams of the vehicle; however, if the vehicle is being used on public roads it is imperative that there is also the dash mounted or similar switch as noted above to enable the light to be switched off when on public roads.
Package Includes:
1 X LED Flood Light




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