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Radikal Technologies SAC 2.2

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Moving-fader controllers for computer-based studios are big news at present, and Radikal's SAC 2.2 can be used with a wide range of software sequencers and instruments. Jack of all trades, or master of none? We find out...

A significant proportion of musicians are now working almost entirely within the computer domain, but the ergonomic limitations of the familiar mouse and keyboard have proven to be a major restriction in the ease of operation of most MIDI + Audio platforms, as well as traditional DAWs. MIDI fader boxes have been available for many years now, and can be used very successfully to facilitate live multi-channel balances. However, recently there has been a pronounced trend towards altogether more sophisticated remote controls, such as Steinberg's Houston, Emagic's dedicated Logic Control, and the generic Mackie Control.

Radikal Technologies was formed nearly eight years ago, initially as a distribution company for 'innovative studio equipment' in Germany, but subsequently developing its own product lines. The first product was launched at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 2000: the Radikal SAC 2K (Software Assigned Controller). This touch-sensitive moving-fader hardware controller was designed to operate with any audio DAW or MIDI sequencing platform, with the aim of simplifying and speeding up operation by providing dedicated hardware faders, buttons and knobs. It could also be used to control other MIDI devices, such as synths and processing plug-ins. Although Radikal's first product suffered from some significant software problems -- including disappointing fader resolution -- the overall design, build quality and ergonomics were impressive.

Last year, the company launched the successor to the 2K, the SAC 2.2. This is a thoroughly tweaked and improved version of the original, with a brand-new operating system and revised electronics. Owners of the original SAC 2K can upgrade their units free of charge to be fully compatible with the 2.2 operating software and benefit from various circuitry improvements too.




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