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Eduardo Arranz Bravo Original Painting. 14950chf

CHF 14'995.– / Prix à discuter



Eduardo Arranz–Bravo, Spanish (1941 - )

Like Florence in the Renaissance and Paris and New York in modern times, Catalonia has spawned some of the world’s greatest masters. Gaudi, Dalí, Picasso, Miró and Tàpies are among its most celebrated artists. The latest of these is Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, born in Barcelona and to this day, its eminent son. With his Catalonian peers, Arranz-Bravo shares a visceral creativity matched by outstanding technical skills. His art, like theirs, is signature, inventive, challenging and in constant evolution. Arranz-Bravo calls on a profound understanding of his own position in the historical context of 20th century art, while simultaneously advancing figural art with each new work in a manner that some have called “futuristic.”

Arranz-Bravo has been the subject of solo exhibitions in private galleries and public institutions around the globe. He has represented Spain in diverse world biennials, most notably, the prestigious 1980 Venice Biennale, recognized as the world’s most important international exposition of fine art. Retrospectives of his work include those staged at the Museo de Arte Moderno in São Paulo and the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hailed in Europe as one of the leading painters of his generation, Arranz-Bravo has been represented by Franklin Bowles Galleries since 1997.

Selected Solo Shows

1996 Anthology Centro Cultural Tecla Sala Anthology, Centro Cultural de la Caiza de Terrassa Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona 1999 Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid Galeria Trama, Barcelona, Spain 1998-02 Franklin Bowles Galleries, New York, NY

Selected Museum Collections

Museum of Contemporary Art – Barcelona, Spain Museum of Fine Arts – Vitoria, Spain Museum of Fine Arts – Seville, Spain Museum of Modern Art – Barcelona, Spain Museum of Modern Art – São Paulo, Brazil Museum of Villafamés- Castellón, Spain Olympic Museum – Lausanne, Switzerland Proctor & Gamble – Belgium

Selected Solo Shows

1961 Club Universitario, Barcelona, Spain 1964 International Biennial, Ibiza, Spain (Grand Prize & Gold Medal) 1971 Spanish Institute, New York, New York 1972 Colegio de Arquitectos, Barcelona, Spain 1975 XI International Biennale, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia 1980 XXXIX Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy 1981 Baden-Baden Biennale, Baden-Baden, Germany Medellín Biennale, Medellin, Colombia 1987 Friedman-Guinness Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany Galerie Anne-Marie de Sacy, Paris, France 1989 Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil ARCO, Madrid, Spain 1990 Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland 1991 Grand Palais, Paris, France Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York Ergane Gallery, New York, New York 1992 Expo Mundial, Seville, Spain 39th Annual International Festival at the Art Center, Norfolk, Virginia Birmingham Festival of the Arts, Birmingham, Alabama (“Best Artist” award) 1993 ARCO, Madrid, Spain 1995 Art Asia, Hong Kong, China 1996 ARCO, Madrid, Spain Galeria Rackey, Bonn, Germany 1998 Franklin Bowles Galleries, New York, New York 1999 Museo Nacionál Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain 2000 Messum’s Fine Art, London, England Franklin Bowles Galleries, New York, New York Museo Sprengel, Expo Mundial, Hannover, Germany 2001 Galerie Am Opernring, Vienna, Austria 2002 Mathias Kuhn Foundation, Mallorca, Spain Museo Juan Cabre, Calaceite, Spain 2003 Centre Cultural de Girona, Antology Exhibition, Girona, Spain Capella da Sant Nicolau, Girona, Spain

Selected Museum & Public Collections

Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid, Spain Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany Royal Museum, Brussels, Belgium Skidmore Art Museum, Saratoga Springs, New York Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland Toyo Bank, New York, New York Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid, Spain Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brazil Museum of Fine Arts, Vitoria, Spain Museum of Fine Arts, Seville, Spain Proctor & Gamble, Brussels, Belgium Museum of Villafamés, Castellón, Spain La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain Yomanouchi Edition, Tokyo, Japan Melicior Colet, Barcelona, Spain.




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