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Handgemachtes leder Hundehalsband schwarz und dunkelgrün

CHF 120.–


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NEU hundehalsband, ORIGINALSTÜCK, handgemacht aus schwarzem englischem Rindsleder mit hochwertiger Messingschnalle. Die schwarze Polsterung und die dunkelgrünen Paspel/Kederung besteht aus weichem italienischem Schafsleder

handgenäht mit traditionellem Sattelstich

Grosse: 34 - 40 cm (= Innenumfang des Hundehalsbands bei Befestigung)

Breite: 2,5 cm (3,5 cm inklusive Polsterung)


Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, können Sie uns in den Kommentaren stellen!

Wenn Sie persönlich vor Ort abholen, besteht die Möglichkeit zum Ausprobieren.

Bei Versand per Post addieren sich die Versandkosten zum Preis (7 CHF).

Wir geben 1 Jahr kostenlose Reparaturen an unseren Hundehalsbändern (Lieferung auf Kosten des Käufers)

NEW High quality HANDMADE leather dog collar, made from luxurious black English bridle leather, with soft black padding, dark green decorative piping and solid brass fittings

New dog collar, handcrafted in Switzerland with traditional tools and methods by Silver Sun Saddlery.

Size of the dog collar is 34 - 40 cm

(= inner circumference of the dog collar when fastened), distance between the holes is 2 cm.

The main part of the collar is 2,5 cm wide (3,5 cm wide incl. the soft padding).

(on request, we can make this dog collar also in different size or colour!!!)

The main collar is made from thick black English "bridle" cow leather. Our leathers are vegetable tanned and full-grain. This tanning process prouduces leather of the finest quality, strong and durable but still soft and supple. "Full-grain" means that the leather has it's natural top surface (called grain) and it wasn't sanded, buffed or taken off so it stays strong and it has a beautiful natural look, it's also much more durable and long-lasting but more expensive. Bridle leather is a special kind of vegetable tanned leather - it's deeply waxed with natural oils and waxes so it has a beautiful shiny look and resists the weather and everyday usage very well.

Edges of the leather strap are colored and smoothened.

It's padded with soft black Italian sheep leather. The soft padding gives your dog very much comfort while wearing. The decorative piping is made from dark green Italian sheep leather.

The collar is completed with high quality solid brass fittings: Buckle and a Dee-ring for attaching your leash.

Solid brass fittings have many advantages - they never rust and they are very strong and durable. With time they will get a nice patina, or you can polish them so they look like brand new and shiny again.

The metal is solid so the color stays the same and it doesn't peel out with time like on cheaper metal plated fittings.

The collar is handstitched with strong black linen thread. The thread is waxed with beeswax which protects it and it also helps to keep the stitches in place. Advantage of stitches made by hand with traditional saddle stitch is that the seams are much stronger and more longlasting then machine stitching. Each of the stitches is "locked" with a knot in between of stitched layers, so when one stitch breaks, the rest stays on the place and it doesn't happen that all row of stitches would rip out at once.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us!

When you pick up at location there is possibility to try out.

If sent by post then the postage costs added to the price (approx. 7 CHF).

We give 1 year free repairs on our dog collars (delivery on buyer´s costs)

Remember that leather is a natural material so it can have small cosmetic imperfections and the structure of the animal skin is visible. It also requires regular care - but then it will last you and your four-legged friend for a very long time. We suggest you to clean your collar regularly with a saddle soap (special soap suitable for leather) if dirty, and then apply a leather balm to keep it soft and durable with all its qualities.


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