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  5. 2 x Paar Prof. Choice SMB II Fesselkopfgamaschen schwarz

2 x Paar Prof. Choice SMB II Fesselkopfgamaschen schwarz

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Neuwertige Fesselkopfgamaschen SMBII Sports Medicine Boots, schwarz
1 x SMB II 200 (large)
1 x SMB II 300 (x-large)
Für mehr Informationen wie die SMB II wirken, schauen sie unter Profchoice dot com unter Research & Technology
Research was conducted on our Sports Medicine Boots at Oklahoma State University under the direction of Dr. Michael Collier and Dr. Olin Balch of the Equine Sports Medicine Laboratory. The results from their tests confirmed the ability of our Sports Medicine Boots to absorb an average of 26% of energy, and up to as much as 45% of energy from hoof impact, while also preventing hyperextension of the fetlock. Standard polo wraps and adhesive bandages that were also tested under similar conditions registered at only 6-10% average energy absorption. Our boots were then examined to see if they restricted the movement of the horse’s ankle. Not only was it found that movements was not inhibited, but that horses actually shifted their weight to the feet that were wearing the boots. During a workout as horses get tired, they naturally shift their weight to different feet, but in this study they immediately shifted their weight to those legs wearing the boots, enforcing the belief that horses should wear supportive boots on all four legs to maintain normal weight distribution.
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