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Instant power anywhere under the sun The lightest, most versatile solar charger Includes solarnut for standby power on a cloudy day Selected tips supplied for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, and many more Solarmonkey will even work under incandescent lighting, ie: bedside, work and desk lamps (not fluorescent lighting). Solarnut can also used to be as a stand alone emergency charger, providing 1/3-1/4 mobile phone power, giving you 15 minutes talking time or 24 hours standby time. Solarmonkey has over-charging protection. For best performance please keep solarnut fully charged and recharge solarnut at least once every 2-3 months. ONLY TO BE CHARGED WITH SOLARMONKEY. Using any other means to charge the solarnut will cause damage and hence invalidate the warranty. Two folding protective solar panels. Solar panels include rucksack securing points. The brightness of the green LED light on the solarmonkey ndicates the solar strength. Connect the out cable with the solarnut for maximum charge. Product Description

Is your mobile phone always running out of juice in the middle of an important call? Fed up with your iPod battery running out whilst you're sunning yourself on the beach? Or you're trekking through the Himalayas, relying on your tunes to keep you motivated and all of a sudden there's silence and the recharging icon is winking at your from your iPod screen?

Don't fret! Solarmonkey is here and ready to provide you with power - directly from the sun! You won't even have to get off your sun lounger. The Solarmonkey can be connected directly to your phone, iPod, PDA, PSP and more, enabling you to recharge without the need for batteries or a mains power supply.

Get free play from your iPod - wherever you are! If you've got one of our Soundtraveller speakers, you can use the Solarmonkey to provide you with power to play your music! Simply plug the Solarmonkey into the back of the speaker and away you go! Did you know that the solarmonkey will also work under incandescent lights such as a table lamp - genius! With no need for batteries or mains chargers, the Solarmonkey and soundtraveller really are a match made in technology heaven! Make the most of our range of convergent technology - the Soundtraveller range and the primate power range are all designed to work and interact with each other - making them absolute travel essentials!

The Solarmonkey comes with tips for the most popular makes of mobile phones and devices:

Nokia and Mini Nokia Motorola V66 Samsung E900 LG Chocolate Sony Ericsson Wide connector Mini USB Femal USB charging tip iPod connector DC4.0 for Sony PSP

Specially designed to work with the Solarmonkey, the new Solarnut reserves redundant solar energy so that if a sunny day turns cloudy whilst you're using your Solarmonkey, charging of your device is not affected.

Solarnut can also be used as a stand alone emergency charger, providing you with up to a quarter of mobile phone power or at least 15 minutes of talktime. To make the most of your Solarnut, recharge it (via solarmonkey) at least once every 2-3 months!

So now there really will be sunshine on a rainy day!

Technical Information:

Battery chemical: NI-MH Battery capacity: 150mAh Working voltage: 4.0~6.0v Working current: 250mA Max

Please note: the mini USB tip is a special tip which will put out NO power until the optimum power output has been gained from the sun - this is in order to protect delicate devices such as BlackBerrys. Each of the solarmonkey tips will work with several different models of mobile phone - for compatibility visit THE POWERMONKEY WEBSITE and work out whether your tip is included already! If it's not - don't worry - you can order the addition adaptors from us - check out the MONKEY NUTS section!

To reduce the charge time when using the solarmonkey, make sure the device is turned OFF!

In The Box

1 x solarmonkey 1 x solarnut Nokia and Mini Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, LG Chocolate and Sony Ericsson wide connectors Mini USB for Motorola RAZR V3 and V3c, Blackberry and other Mini USB powered devices 1 x Female USB charging tip for smart phones, PDAs and other USB powered devices 1 x Made for iPod approved charging tip 1 x DC4.0 connector for Sony PSP and specific digital cameras 1 x Black travel pouch and canvas storage case

Das ultimative Solar-Ladegerät im Handy-Leichtformat. Sorgt für Power zu jeder Gelegenheit.

Features: Ladegerät mit LED-Ladestandsanzeige und Überladeschutz durch Spannungsbegrenzung Stecker für Nokia, Nokia Mini, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, LG Chocolate, SonyEricsson Mini-USB-Stecker Motorola RAZR V3 und V3c, Blackberry und andere Mini-USB-betriebene Gerätschaften USB-Stecker für Smart Phones und PDA´s Stecker zum Laden von iPod´s DC-Stecker für Sony PSP und spezifische Digitalkameras schwarze Tragetasche Technische Details: Ausgangsspannung: 5 V Ausgangsleistung max.: 240 mA Masse: Gewicht: 88 g Grösse im gefalteten Zustand: 110 x 70 x 10 mm

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