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A Breguet resource in its own right Habsburg Antiquorum Genf

The Art of Breguet

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Sprache: english Top Zustand 479 Seiten 196 farbige und 67 s-w Abb. teilweise zum aufklappen Grösse: 28 x 20 x 3,8 cm

Stücke sind ausführlich beschrieben. Teilweise Bezug auf berühmte Besitzer (Napoleon, Humbold, Churchill,...)

Habsburg Antiquorum Geneva Auktion Sunday 14 April 1991

Aus dem Netz: "The Habsburg auction catalogue from Geneva 1991. A mammoth 479 pages is a Breguet resource in its own right!"

"A good record of many fine clocks and watches. A lavish and permanent record of some of Breguet's most wonderful work, and influential customers"

"Thematic auction catalog wherein 204 watches and clocks are pictured, priced and discussed in detail. Decent biography. Collection sold for over 12 million US Dollars. This is the catalogue of the important 1991 auction of Breguet timepieces held at the Hotel des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland, with the items viewed in eleven cities around the world, including London, New York, Tokyo, Hongkong, Singapore, and Qatar during the four months before the sale. This beautifully printed and bound hardcover volume contains extensive descriptions and some histories of the items offered. It's a great Breguet reference book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in the vintage pieces by Breguet. Excellent information can found in watch catalogs as watch manufacturers usually provide detailed information on a particular model or their entire line. The hardcover catalogue counts among the definitive Breguet reference books. Many images, biographies of famous (and infamous) clients of Breguet, and fold-out pages make this a trove of historical and technical information about the magnificent Abraham-Louis Breguet, his company and its patrons. An outstanding catalogue and work of reference on the timepieces and their illustrious previous owners, original bookmark attached by silk ties.

Abraham-Louis Breguet or Breguet (10 January 1747 - 17 September 1823), born in Neuchatel in Switzerland, was a horologist who made many innovations in the course of a career in watchmaking in France. He is the founder of Swiss luxury watch brand Breguet. Early enthusiasts of Breguet's watchmaking were Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie-Antoinette. It was one of his pocket watches called the Marie Antoinette which he produced for the Queen and had the most mechanical complications at that period. Breguet designed his most remarkable piece, anticipating, together with his friend John Arnold, the wristwatch by two centuries for Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples, in 1810. Many honours recognised his enormous contribution to horology. Each watch from his workshops demonstrated the latest horological improvements in an original movement, mostly fitted with lever or ruby-cylinder escapements that he perfected. Breguet took refuge in Switzerland from the excesses of the French Revolution. He returned to Paris overflowing with the ideas that produced the Breguet balance-spring, his first carriage clock (sold to Bonaparte), the sympathique clock and its dependent watch, the tact watch, and finally the tourbillon, patented in 1801. His watches and clocks are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful and technically-accomplished."



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