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  5. Alpina Watch AlpinerX alive Smartwatch Limited Edition

Alpina Watch AlpinerX alive Smartwatch Limited Edition

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Alpina Watch AlpinerX Alive

Limited Edition, custom-made product, PRICE 995Euro
Combining a beautiful traditional Swiss Made watch and connected technology.

The AlpinerX Alive is packed with amazing features to help you in your work life, time measurements, sports activities, well-being and health concerns.

From heart rate monitoring, hydration tracking, a relaxing breathing exercise all the way to the weather forecast and GPS tracking, the watch is the ultimate everyday partner.

Its companion app will help to record your data and analyze your performance daily while giving you valuable insight and feedback.

AlpinerX Alive measures your heartrate with best-in-class Philips sensor technology.

Feel free to take your timepiece in all your sporty endeavours, it is water-resistant up to 10 ATM/100m/330ft.
On top of that, its hands feature a white luminous treatment, enabling you to read the time in the darkest spaces.

The AlpinerX Alive watch comes with a companion app downloadable on iOS and Android.

It will record your data, help you track your progress daily and weekly and offer you in-depth graphs and statistics with benchmarks to help you compare your results with people in your age range.


In original box with fiberglass case, an extra velcro strap and charging cable. Warranty till October 2022


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