Michael SCHENKER GROUP 25th anniversary of recording

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Artist: Michael SCHENKER GROUP

Title: 25th anniversary of recording

Format: CD double

Label/Ref: MSR CD2

Issued: 1997

CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks)

Booklet Condition: Excellent


  1. In search of the piece of mind

  2. Doctor doctor

  3. Let it roll

  4. Natural thing

  5. Lights out

  6. Only you can rock me

  7. Assault attack

  8. Captain Nemo

  9. No time for losers

  10. Written in the sand

  11. Back to life

  12. Love never dies

  13. Positive forward

  14. Lost horizons

  15. Too hot to handle

  16. Attack of the mad axeman

  17. Love to love

  18. On and on


  1. Another piece of meat

  2. Into the arena

  3. Are you ready to rock

  4. Save yourself

  5. All the way from Memphis

  6. Pushed to the limit

  7. Essence

  8. Never ending nightmare

  9. Bijou pleasurette

  10. Armed and ready

  11. Feels like a good thing

  12. Rock bottom



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