Ju Ju Be - Memory Foam Changing Pad - Powder Icing - Ideal f

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Ju Ju Be - Memory Foam Changing Pad - Powder Icing - Ideal for Diaper Bag
The changing pad with soft touch memory foam and anti-microbial treatment. Memory foam won't help you remember where your car keys are, but in the jujube changing pads it does evenly support your baby and eliminate any pressure points. Squishy, comfy, and really really plush. Features our awesome microfiber on one side and sleek satin on the other. Easily wipeable and cold water machine washable, too. P.S. Your friends might look at you kinda funny when you end up using it as a seat cushion for yourself, but it's that tempting. Extra thick so baby is always comfortable, fold in three and fits in almost all the Ju Ju Be Bags! L-20 inch X W-12inch



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