Ju Ju Be - Fuel Cell - Powder Icing - Insulated Lunch Bag, P

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Ju Ju Be - Fuel Cell - Powder Icing - Insulated Lunch Bag, Pouch Ju Ju Be Fuel Cell Fill 'er up. This great looking bottle - bag - lunch-pail fits a lot. Put in three tall bottles with room to spare. Use it for your own lunch and put in a water bottle or two, just don't squish your peanut butter sandwich. The 3M Thinsulate lining keeps things cool (or toasty) for snacktime. No one will be running on empty when you keep this great accessory filled up. Oh almost forgot it's machine washable.

Additional Features - Quick grab handle with swivel clip hooks onto your bag, stroller etc.

  • Fun decorative star stitching on front panel

  • Interior clear zipper lid pocket. good place for napkins, spoons, or even an icepack

  • Machine washable. Finally someone that's smart enough to figure that one out.

  • AgION antimicrobial treated. keeps the yukkies in check

  • 3M Thinsulate. hot stuff stays hot, and cool stuff stays cool (just not at the same time).

Measurements 7 inch (W) x 9 inch (H) x 4.25 inch (D)



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