SPLASH Flaschenhalter Marine/STurm von Skip Hop

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Bottle drying racks are usually plain and somewhat boring, which is a shame since they often sit on your kitchen counter in full view. If you prefer something a little more exciting, though, Skip Hop has created a bottle drying rack with a fun, funky design and great colors that is cute and functional. The Splash bottle rack has a rounded bottom tray for valves and bottle pieces that need to lay flat, keeping the off the countertop while they dry. The tallest ring of posts holds bigger bottles easily and the shorter ring is perfect for nipples, caps and other accessories. Splash's round shape saves space in the kitchen, and the included bottle brush stores right in the middle so it's never lost. Skip Hop Splash is available in three color combinations - white with tangerine, poppy with charcoal and marine with storm.



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