Binatone Babysense 5 Breathing And Movement Monitor

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Binatone Baby Sense 5 - Breathing and Movement Monitor
Good condition
From pet and smoke free home
UK bidders only please
BabySense Features:
2 Sensor pads to cover the surface area of a cot,
High pitch alarm,
Indicates loss or partial loss of breathe,
Alarm sounds after 20 second of no movement,
Alarm also sounds if the sensors detect less than 10 movements a minute,
Easy to Install,
Sleek design,
Parent unit fits directly on to the cot,
Can be used in cots, cribs or Moses baskets,
Use 1 or 2 pads depending on situation,
BabySense 5 Sensor Matt Monitor uses modern Technology to ensure your baby is kept safe at night. The monitor incorporates 2 high quality sensor pads which fit directly under your baby's mattress, these detect the movement created by the rise & fall of the chest.
If no movement is detected after 20 seconds the monitor will sound a high pitch alarm waking both you and your baby, the alarm will also sound if the sensors detect less than 10 movements a minute as this indicates partial loss of breathe.
The monitor has been designed to use either 1 or 2 of the sensor pads provided, they fit directly under your baby's mattress lying on the base of the bed, the two pads ensure maximum surface area is covered



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