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  5. Portofrei Tornado Auto-Reinigungspistolen-Kit

Portofrei Tornado Auto-Reinigungspistolen-Kit

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description: specification: Product name: car cleaning White color Barrel material: plastic + PP Handle material: aluminum alloy + copper Material of Piston of Dust Blowing Gun: Aluminum Alloy Blade length: The length of the gun body is about 27mm Tube length: about 70-120mm Take-up diameter: about 8mm Air inlet size: 1/4 inch Working pressure: 7-9Mpa Bottle capacity: 1 liter Application range: used in auto repair shops, 4S shops feature: -100% brand new and high quality. -The formation of high-strength nylon composite molecules, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. -Hose design, dust removal, spray. -Strong adaptability, can be used in flammable, explosive, humid and dusty harsh environments. -Fine dust, with obvious effect, is an indispensable product for car beauty and fine cleaning. -Instant deep dirt, fast and easy to use. -Suitable for cleaning wool car interiors, leather car interiors, dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, carpets, floor mats, car roofs, engine surfaces, tire surfaces, and wheel surfaces. -Simply use a non-contact dry light spray gun to remove these stubborn stains that are firmly attached, so as to completely clean the interior of the car and clean the non-contact method. Package Included: 1x cleaning gun 1x brush (The accessories are shown in the picture)


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Taobao GmbH
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