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Worm composter with worms / Wurmkomposter mit Würmern

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We sell our vermicomposter with worms and compost, which we successfully managed for 4 years. We needed it, because there was no green bin in our previous apartment, But since we moved to another apartment, we would like to find a new home for our worms.

This model of vermicomposters is called "Worm Café", it has 3 trays (on the photo there are only 2).

The tap drips, even when it's closed (it's a known problem with the original taps of this type of vermicomposters), but since it's advisable to keep the tap always open, it's not a problem for us. In any case, the buyer will also receive a new black plastic tap made by another manufacturer.

The worms are Eisenia Fetida ("red wigglers").

There aren't any fungus gnats or other creatures, which can be disturbing in the apartment or in a basement. We keep the worms in the apartment, they don't stink. We always put only vegetable peelings, cardboard/brown paper without print and ground eggshells (after baking them in the oven) and therefore we are able to safely use our own vermicompost for growing herbs and vegetables.

We would like to find people, who will be able to manage the composter without killing the worms.

Because we don't have a car and cannot deliver the composter, the purchaser needs to take the composter from our home in Wallisellen.


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