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Nintendo Game & Watch Green Fire ultra rar (!)

CHF 666.–



Nintendo Game & Watch Green Fire in CGL Version, the only one found in CGL so far, extremly rare, your chance to get it (!)

From my own personal collection:

Extremly rare and wanted Game & Watch Green Fire FR-27 (!)
This means a normal Fire FR-27 Game, but in a green case instead a blue one which is standard (!)
Game is in used condition (please check pictures, sold as pictured)
It's still full funtional (!)
Including with battery from Donkey Kong Jr. (original) and Serial Number (!)
The last picture is for comparison only with a standard blue Fire, the blue Fire is NOT part of this auction (!)
As its can be seen, the backpanel has some damage near to the battery compartment (!)
An original replacement DK Jr. cover still fits and you can play, the batteries will rest inside (!)
Original Nintendo from the 80ies (!)
Shipping outside Switzerland is flatrate 20Eur (signed for, priority)
Shipping in Switzerland is free (signed for, economy)
No returns, no warranty, you get what you see, so please check the pictures


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