Lowepro Topload Zoom 2 Camera Bag

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Once you’ve been "in to" photography for more than a couple of years, you naturally start to accumulate more and more gear. Just because you have a lot of gear, though, it doesn’t mean you have to or want to lug all that gear around with you all the time. Sometimes, all you need to bring with you is a camera body, a lens, a couple other accessories. It has one main compartment, accessable via a reverse - open lid which fits a dSLR with a mid - sized zoom lens attached. If you don’t mind a tight fit, you can fit most professional dSLR’s with a battery grip. The interior also has a padded lens stacker, but I probably wouldn’t try to fit more than 1 lens in the bag.

The expandable front zip pocket, while not padded, is great for holding things like pens, business cards, cables, batteries, etc, though, because there’s no padding between your gear and the rest of the world, I would be hesitant to put filters, a flash or a small lens in there. On the bottom of the lid you’ll find a laminated zip mesh pocket for memory cards, filters, and other small / flat accessories. The back of the bag has a belt loop to attach the bag to, and the sides have several plastic loops to attach the optional Topload Zoom Chest Harness. The top of the bag has a sturdy (but not padded) hand grip.
Ideal for travel, sports and outdoor photography
Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
belt loop to attach it to a belt or an optional Lowepro Topload Zoom Chest Harness
Reverse - open lid for fast access
Expandable front zip pocket
Interior laminated zip mesh pocket
Sturdy hand grip
Padded lens stacker
SLR with attached lens plus mid-sized zoom lens and accessories

Interior Size: 7.1W x 4.9D x 9.8H in. (18 × 12.5 × 25 cm)
Exterior Size: 8.3W x 6.7D x 10.8H in. (21 × 17 × 27.5 cm)
Weight: 0.56lbs / 0.26kg
Outer Fabric: water - resistant 600D TXP and 600D TXP ripstop
The Lowepro Topload Zoom 2 camera bag is fairly compact, easy to carry and it fits just about anywhere. It’s not comfortable like a backpack camera bag or even an over - the - shoulder messenger - style bag, but if you only want to bring a camera and a lens with you, you can’t go wrong with the Topload Zoom 2.



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