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Hemisphere Design The Microsoft zoom slider makes it easy to take a closer look at pictures, maps, documents and Web pages without taking your hand off the keyboard. To zoom in and out, just slide the lever on your mouse Unique Light Stripe An LED light stripe runs down the centre of the mouse, illuminating a warm glow when the mouse is plugged in. Microsoft Optical Technology Optical technology refers to the use of an optical sensor to track mouse movement, rather than the traditional use of mechanical parts. As a result, optical mouse products work on most surfaces and offer you better durability, increased speed and accuracy and constant performace. Left- or Right-Handed Ambidextrous design makes working more comfortable, whether you mouse with your left or right hand. Scroll Wheel Navigate documents and Web pages without using the on-screen scroll bar, saving time and effort.

Mous ist von Austelung, benutz war sie nicht!



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