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This book will get you thinking about your life

Truly Human

Nationally recognized strategic planning consultant Barbara Bacigalupi will show you how a simple, yet profound change in your thinking can make a world of difference in your ability to connect deeply with your life purpose, individuality, and humanity. Using clear, concise language and a powerful metaphor drawn from nature, Barbara will take you on a journey, utilizing the unique and proven techniques she has pioneered with professionals and their businesses to now improve the quality of your life as a truly human human being.
About the Author
Barbara Bacigalupi graduated Phi Beta Kappa with bachelor's and master's degrees earned in microbiology from the University of California, Berkeley. Fascinated by the dynamics of organizations, she deliberately refocused her career of a translation of the scientific method to facilitate business decision-making and success.
In 1985, she established her own firm, Bacigalupi Associates, becoming one of a very few planning and marketing consultants to specialize in the professions. She has extensive experience in both the non-profit and profit sectors.

As founder of the Legacy Project in 1992, she routinely evaluates private school effectiveness in the areas of curriculum, satisfaction, self-esteem, faculty and staff, sports, school as a community, parental involvement, and more. Her goal is to foster holistic education, which renders students capable of independent, values-based adult lives.

Barbara is a third-generation descendant of Italian immigrants who came to the San Francisco Bay Area more than 100 years ago. She resides in Northern California.

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