The Experts Guide to Weight Loss Surgery

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The Experts Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Is it Right for Me? What Happens During Surgery? How Do I Keep the Weight Off?

Gareth Davis

ISBN: 9780452296060
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 21 x 13 cm
Publisher: Plume
Pub. year: 2010
Condition: Brand new

From the star of TLCas 'Big Medicine,' the complete guide to weight loss surgery
Today, an estimated forty-four million Americans suffer from obesity. For most, the traditional prescription of aeat less, exercise morea simply doesnat work. Thankfully, there is another optiona a proven path to reclaiming quality of life, to curing diabetes and other weight-related diseases, and to living without the constant emotional and physical struggles that being obese entails.
This option is weight loss surgery. Having performed more than one thousand weight loss surgeries in his career, Dr. Garth Davisastar of the hit TLC series 'Big Medicine'aknows, firsthand, the surgeryas ability to transform lives. In 'The Expertas Guide to Weight Loss Surgery,' Dr. Davis combines cutting-edge medical advice and compassionate guidance into what promises to be the definitive handbook on the topic.
The book features a user-friendly breakdown of the various types of weight loss surgeries available today (gastric bypass vs. adjustable gastric banding vs. sleeve gastrectomy); a no-nonsense guide to finding the right doctor; and words of wisdom from dozens of patients who have undergone WLS. Most important, because weight loss surgery alters the digestive tractas size and structure, Dr. Davis lays out a complete diet and exercise plan to help ensure that readersa success is long term. This book should be required reading for anyone seeking a permanent obesity cure.



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