Race of a Lifetime by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

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It is almost 50 years since Theodore White published his ground-breaking volume, The Making of the President, and for nearly half a century his has remained the classic account of a presidential election. Now two very different and far less reverential US political reporters have challenged White’s supremacy as a campaign chronicler and have come up with a book that in its own way is every bit as good.

Like White’s account of the contest between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Race of a Lifetime is a bit unbalanced. Possibly for reasons of access, the book is not only much stronger on Barack Obama than it is on the luckless John McCain, but a good deal more sympathetic to him. But then the Democrats in 2008 had much the better story, just as they did in 1960. There was no equivalent in 2008 on the Republican side of the titanic struggle between Obama and Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination (along with Nixon in 1960, McCain, after an initial wobble, virtually coasted his way to the convention). Nevertheless the authors, both magazine journalists, Mark Halperin for Time, John Heilemann for New York magazine, clearly found Obama’s much the more glamorous story, just as White did with Kennedy in 1960.

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