Barbara Cartland - Heaven in Hong Kong (geb)

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Velda Armstrong, orphaned and in charge of her small brother, who is only six years old, is terrified that living in Hong Kong he will be taken from her and put into an Orphanage. Although they are desperately poor, she wished him to go to school and is told thought her father was known and respected as the Headmaster, she has to have a sponsor. She cannot think who to ask and then is told that her father once saved the life of the most important Trader in the East - Mike Medway. He is an amazing personality who owns more private ships than anyone else in the East. She goes to him on his magnificent Junk - The Sea Dragon and he agrees to sponsor Jimmy. At the same time, because she is lovely, he suggests he should also look after her. Frightened and shocked by such a suggestion she runs away and he realises for the first time in his life he has to woo a woman, rather than having her fall eagerly into his arms. So he cleverly persuades Velda that he is indifferent to her.

Gebundene Ausgabe mit Schutzumschlag und 148 Seiten / guter Zustand kleine Lesespuren (Schutzumschlag an den Kanten leicht gewellt) Vorauszahlung + Versandkosten Fr. 7.50 bis 2kg



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