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  5. TK200 GPS Tracker smart anti-lost for pets/goos/bags

TK200 GPS Tracker smart anti-lost for pets/goos/bags

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NEW PRODUCT (with original packaging) -- TK200 GPS Tracker smart anti-lost positioning Multi-purpose GPS positioning for pets/goos/bags

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any movable device by SMS ,app and internet.
It has newest advanced technology of gps and agps dual positioning.

Content: Specs
Dim: 603419MM
Weight: 38g
Network: GSM/GPRS
Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GSM chip: MTK6261D
GPS chip: U-blox 7020
GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
GPS accuracy: 5-10m
Time To First Fix: Cold status 45-85s
Warm status: 35s
Hot status: 1s
Work voltage: 5V
Battery: Chargeable changeable 3.7V, 800ma
Storage Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Operation Temp: -20°C to +55°C
Humidity: 5%--95% non-condensing

Led indicator status
Red light continuously work: Charging
Red light not lit: Fully charged
Green light Flashing: Success get GSM singnal
Green light continuously lit: Searching GSM signal

Support Website tracking and APP tracking

Scan APP and Download APP
1)scan QR code---open with browser--- choose Android or IPHONE---download--- installation app
2) Download iOS APP: app store search---dagps---Install the dagps APP

login platform positioning
1)Open web
Use tracker ID login, default password 123456.
You can tracker device,it is ok

It is Real time positioning,every 2min upload position by default,you can change upload position time interval

NOTE:If you insert the correct SIM card and open GPRS, device in outdoor, still not online.Please set the APNcommands
we have two methods to find out apn content:ask simcard company or put sim card into cell phone to find out APN
SMS: APN123456+space+Apn name
( for example tell you the apn name is ABC,so send :APN123456 ABC)
(If have the APN user name and password, need plus APN user name and password behind the APN name)
Eg: APN123456+space+APN name+space+ APN user name+space+ APN password

If need register Administrator account and tracking multiple devices
operation: point user registartion--- Fill in the APP---login in registered accounts device list----add device---fill in --OK

If you add device more than two , continue to add ID number

positioning mode
[Mode 1]: real-time positioning,Trajectory mode (default)
dagps APP---point instruction ---mode switch---trajectory mode---send
It is every 2mins/1 times positioning
[Mode 2]: Roll call positioning,save power mode
Dagps APP-point instruction---mode switch---save power mode ---send---positioning--location
If you want to locate, you point locate . If you don't want to position it, device into save power automatically
[Mode 3]: sms mode positioning
Use mobile phone call the device and hang up,you will receive positioning
or send “smslink123456 ”to sim card in tracker, you wil receive positioning

Fail to turn on
Please check if device has electricity and charge line to be rechargeable

No GSM signal
Please check if SIM card installed correctly.
Please check if SIM card is 2G GSM network.
Cancel Sim card PIN code
no calls can be diverted
Please check if voltage of the power is normal
Please check if voltage of the power is normal

make sure the device can receive the GPS signal normally.in outdoor,or take device to walk around

No reply to SMS command
SMS command password wrong or the format is wrong. restore factory settings send "begin123456"

No reply & No alarm message
Check if Authorized / admin phone number is incorrect and sim card is normal

SMS position OK, cannot positoning the APP and web platform
Pls check if APN is correctly set And pls find out the correct APN content

Platform position is difference from the actual position.
No uploading position time or no GPS signal,reply position is last time. If it shows like Pic 2, pls make sure the device can receive the GPS signal normally.in outdoor,and take device to walk around


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