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  5. BK-C100IR HDMI Extender over single Coaxial Cable with IR

BK-C100IR HDMI Extender over single Coaxial Cable with IR

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BK-C100IR HDMI Extender over single Coaxial Cable with IR



The HDMI Over Single Coax Extender sends HDMI signals Over just one 75Ohm Coaxial cable -- up to100m away. The HDMI Over Single Coax Extender supports HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.1 with features such as Deep Color and 1080p.By using standard and widely available 75Ohm RG-6U cables, the HDMI Over Single Coax Extender makes HDMI signal extensions to be easier than heavy and expensive copper cable and more robust than optical fiber. The Extender includes two units: transmitter and receiver. The transmitting unit is used to capture the HDMI input with IR signals and carries the signals via one coaxial cable. The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal and reconstructing IR and serial control signals. The Extender offers the most convenient solution for HDMI extension over a single coaxial cable with long distance capability, and is the perfect solution for any application.


Flexible extension of high-bandwidth HDMI 1.3 thanks to the performance and reliability of 75Ohm RG-6U Coax cable.

Audio and video are transmitted digitally over the 75Ohm RG-6U Coax cable with zero signal loss.

Single Link Range: 1080p/60, 12 bit color depth.

Compliant with HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1 standards.

Supports digital video formats in Deep Color Mode at up to 12bits/color.

Supports PCM 48KHz audio.

Supports Cascade function in Transmitter and Receiver and it is easy to build a network system by installer.

Lip-Sync Pass Through.

Bi-directional IR system allowing for control of source or display (IR accessories included)

Package Contents:

(1) TX & RX

(1) IR Blaster (TX)

(1) IR Receiver (RX)

(2) DC 5V in line power supply

(1)User Manual


Frequency Bandwidth:225MHz/link (HDMI 1.3)

In/Output Support Resolution:480p, 576p, 720p;1080p

Input TMDS Signal:3.3 volts

Input DDC Signal:5.0 volts/P-P

ESD Protection Human body model:8kV (air-gap discharge)

4kV (contact discharge)

Coaxial Cable Distance:Full HD up to 100M (RG-6U cables),HD up to 200M (RG-6U cables),SD up to 300M (RG-6U cables )

Dimension (mm):80(D)x49(W)x25(H)

Weight (g):115

Power Supply:(2) 5V1A DC

Power consumption:2.3 watts (TX); 2.2 watts (RX)

Operation temperature:32~104 F

Storage temperature:-4 ~140 F

Relative humidity:20~90 % RH (no condensation)


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