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Tom Evans Linear A MKII Super Triode Hybrid Power Amp

CHF 3'290.– / Verhandlungspreis



A real gem: for sale is my Linear A MKII amp from Tom Evans Audio Design in excellent condition. Bought in end 2018 from the official dealer in Germany (Wittmann Hifi) as a demo unit.

The Linear A is a hybrid, single ended, Class A, ultra-linear stereo amp with a power rating of 25WPC. Four EL84 tubes per side, in parallel, create a composite tube with characteristics almost identical to the legendary Japanese No.10 tube.

The amp measures as an almost perfect model triode, promising to deliver the often sought but rarely realized linearity benefits of triode topology without it's usual limitations. Paired with an appropriate speaker (recommended loudspeaker sensitivity of 87 dB or higher), this amp can do it all in a way nothing else in our experience has ever been able to do; luscious midrange combined with rarely realized frequency extension. The absence of distortion has to be (not) heard to be fully understood (iglooaudio).

Also, look out for the 6moons review, that says it all ;)

List price: 8500 CHF


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