Orignial artwork by Romanian artist Adrian Doni

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Adrian Doni was born in 8 April 1959. He began his artistic education under famed local masters Constantin Ciosu and Stefan Pristavu. Doni's works fit into several modern art categories, during his artistic career he experienced different techniques from landscapes and portraits to cubism and abstract art. In 1990 he exhibited at Ateneu Gallery in Bacau, in 1995 at Arta Gallery (Bacau) and in 1998 at Casa de Cultura (Suceava). Adrian Doni's paintings demonstrate a mastery of design, colour, composition and draftsmanship. He communicates optimism by means of vivid colours. Now, for the first time, certain of he's works are available on eBay only through her exclusive worldwide representative.

-Works by the artist are found in private collections in Italy, USA, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Israel, China, South Africa, Canada and France.

Style: Cubism

Size Type/Largest Dimension: 60 cm X 80 cm

Medium: Oil



Dreikonigstrasse 31
8002 Zürich (ZH)

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