Oil Painting on Canvas Signed Giovanni DAUREA

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PAINTING oil on CANVAS SIGNED Giovanni DAUREA . Size work is 50x50cm

Daurea John was born in Caltanissetta in 1955, in the heart of the "Sicily", which was of Pirandello, the Guttuso of Migneco and who, being deeply attached, they are always inspired.
At age 18 he moved to Rome, arrived in "Margutta", assiduously studio of great masters like John Omiccioli, Sante Monachesi, Mino Maccari, Renzo Vespignani.
At age 23, he emigrated to the south of France to get to know the land of Cezanne.
Thus beginning to capture on his canvas, portraying them live, the "spring" and "summer" the most beautiful of all the Provencal landscape.
After a few years, almost as if driven by the "Mistral", reached Paris, and Rue de la Seine, in one of the many galleries, he exhibited his first works, which quickly become a source of interest for dealers and private collectors.
Still continuing to travel for several years, from Spain to England, from Sweden to Denmark, Austria, Germany, through personal, collective and cultural events, is able to make known to all the splendor of the magical colors of his beloved Sicily , become for him, today, a source of inspiration for the realization of all his works.



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