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  5. John Gilbert Giclee signiert nummeriert 16/20

John Gilbert Giclee signiert nummeriert 16/20

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Yoga Ida Druck US Künstler, signiert nummeriert


Medium: Giclee. dickes Papier

Künstler: John Gilbert

Name: Yoga Ida

Entsehungsdatum: 2013

Unterschrift: von Hand signiert

Edition: 2013, Nr. 16/20 nummeriert auf dem Blatt

Grösse: Blatt 62.0 x 61.0 cm / Motiv 50 cm x 50 cm

Zustand: perfekt, gerahmt

John Gilbert

(b. 1966,New York)

was raised in New York City. He had an early love of ceramic sculpture which he pursued at Skidmore College, with a particular interest in mineral glazes and color interaction. After graduation, became a master custom carpet maker and dyer, with a small factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, creating one-off works for architects and interior designers; he also became an art publisher. His artistic interests developed in a new direction, following the tsunami of 2004, in which several dear friends were lost; a variety of new projects arose, in his studio in Goa, India, focusing on what he calls Bhakti Art. John is influenced by artists such as; Marcel Duchamp, Jonathan Borofsky, Robert Indiana and Jean-Michel Basquiat and is US listed artist

What is the difference between a giclee and a print?

One of the common questions we get from clients is what is the difference between the digital prints and the giclee archival prints. ... Our giclee printing is one of the best print reproduction methods available. It is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks.

Are giclee prints worth anything?

Giclee prints offer both artists and collectors a number of benefits. ... Giclees are more expensive to reproduce than the bulk prints made using traditional lithography and they are priced accordingly, but, it goes without saying, that they aren't asvaluable as original works.





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