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Cezanne, Finished Unfinished

Felix Baumann, Evelyn Benesch, Walter Feilchenfeldt, Klaus Albrecht Schroder (editors); Essays by Friedrich Teja Bach, Felix Baumann, Evelyn Benesch, Gottfried Boehm, and Walter Feilchenfeldt

ISBN :3-7757-0879-0

Kunsthaus Zurich /
Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2000.
Paperback. -
408 pages with many colored illustrations. 26x30 cm. "The story of Cezanne's fame and influence would be incomplete without taking into account the impact of his unfinished paintings. Immediately following his death, these works were already held in high regard both by Matisse and the Fauves and by Picasso and the Cubists. This book looks at these paintings, a crucial aspect of Cezanne's body of work, and thus a signpost in 20th century art that pointed the way to the future, right up to Abstract Expressionism. Cezanne aimed to renew painting on the basis of classicism, and to establish Impressionism so that it would hold a prominent place in museums. But no other artist has created so many seemingly unfinished works. Examining his paintings and watercolors, including the monumental still lifes and the late paintings from Montagne Sainte-Victoire, this book shows clearly that what is 'unfinished' in Cezanne's work is not a sketch, not a preparatory study. Detailed essays that compare finished paintings with so-called unfinished ones provide a completely new insight into the creative process of the father of modernism.".



1820 Montreux (VD)


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