Fasta Pasta - The Original Microwave Cooker

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Fasta Pasta® is a perfect gift for students, the elderly, disabled, the RV crowd, couples, single moms, and working families on the go.
Fasta Pasta® saves time, energy and water while producing a deliciously hot meal every time.
1. Cooks all pasta varieties to perfect al dente perfection, every time. 2. No boil over or noodles sticking together. 3. Cooks pasta in half the stove-top time, so 15 minutes or less from start to finish. 4. Made of BPA free FDA approved microwave safe material. 5undefinedundefined.undefinedundefined No large pots, colanders, or utensils to manually wash. 6. Dishwasher safe. 7. Made in the USA



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